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Proceedings of the 1st IAPOP International Conference London 20071st_iapop_conference_london_2007.jpgiapop.jpg

(Kongressband u.a. über Koma-Arbeit)

The first conference of the International Association of Process-Oriented Psychology took place in London in 2007. The three main topics were:

  1. Altered States, Body Work and Spirituality
    (coma, symptoms and pain, and spirituality)
  2. World Work
    (Community and organisation, conflict resolution, World Work in different contexts)
  3. Mental Health, Extreme States and the Arts
    (Mental health and extreme states, Process Work and the arts)

On 265 pages you will find a lot of exciting articles about Process Work and its applications.

DVD: Process Work & Coma, Conflict Resolution, Extreme States
This set of short introduction films aims to give an indication of the broad applications of Process Oriented Psychology.
Starting with the wider potential to work with people who do not communicate with words, the section on coma describes some of the very specific techniques that Process Oriented Psychology has developed through extensive experience of working with people in coma.
Following a description of conflict resolution work that has been carried out in the Balkans, the second film goes on to show highlights of an experiential session. This gives participants an opportunity to explore and deepen their understanding of how conflicts can arise and be resolved through methods developed by Process Oriented Psychology.
Extreme States is the term used by Process Oriented Psychology to describe mental health conditions such as psychosis. It places such experiences on a continuum and gives people the opportunity to find meaning both for themselves and collectively.
With thanks to Jean-Claude and Arlene Audergon for their guidance and to all the speakers and participants at the 1st IAPOP International Conference who agreed to be filmed. With thanks also to Arnold Mindell and colleagues for continually discovering and developing the whole field of Process Work.

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